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GuyRules is a compilation of the rules that govern men's social behavior.

GuyRules began as simply a sharing between guys during normal conversation. Eventually, we recognized that our ideas about guys' behavior weren't new; they just weren't chronicled. Using a pocket recorder, we began to compile humorous rules about men. We began the web site with 110 GuyRules of our own, written during various activities, including construction projects and sports events.

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"Don't Spook the Pussy"

Category: Wife

GuyRule # 426
Never razz a guy about his lack of sex in front of females, unless he brings the topic up himself. If he brings it up he looks self-effacing and like he's not really trying to get laid (which of course he really is. This is known as playing for the sympathy fuck.) To do this could constitute an unintentional "cock block" on your part, scaring the woman off. Chicks don't want to do a guy who isn't wanted by other chicks. This offense is punishable by two six packs, at least. -John Demma/Scott Carlton

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