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GuyRules is a compilation of the rules that govern men's social behavior.

GuyRules began as simply a sharing between guys during normal conversation. Eventually, we recognized that our ideas about guys' behavior weren't new; they just weren't chronicled. Using a pocket recorder, we began to compile humorous rules about men. We began the web site with 110 GuyRules of our own, written during various activities, including construction projects and sports events.

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"Calling Shotgun"

Category: Auto

GuyRule # 246
When calling Shotgun (as to who sits in the front seat when traveling with more than two people): it must be declared when you are leaving the present destination the driver must agree to the shotgun, and can veto the shotgun at any time (within reason), where another shotgun may be declared by anyone (except the one who was disallowed) the one supplying the beer automatically gets shotgun if a guy has a shotgun with him, he gets shotgun and, well, anything he wants if returning from a job, the one who's quality work stood out (ie:supreme sawing, great nailing) can claim shotgun without retaliation These rules may prevent broken bones, gouged eyes, and more importantly, dents in your new car. If these rules seem immature, fuck off, because who says that a REAL guy has to mature anyways -Brad Caya

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