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GuyRules is a compilation of the rules that govern men's social behavior.

GuyRules began as simply a sharing between guys during normal conversation. Eventually, we recognized that our ideas about guys' behavior weren't new; they just weren't chronicled. Using a pocket recorder, we began to compile humorous rules about men. We began the web site with 110 GuyRules of our own, written during various activities, including construction projects and sports events.

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"Giving Your Buddy an Out"

Category: Buddies

GuyRule # 18
"Be a good friend and give your buddy and 'Out.'" -D "That's right." -G "Make an excuse for him..." -D "That's right, those are kudos that you just throw around, especially if the conversation's not goin' too good. Another Guy Rule, to turn it the other way around, is you saw something that the guy did, and it really was kinda screwed up, and you knew that it was substandard. And the other guy knew it was substandard." -G "But he's just sittin there floundering." -D "Yeah. What you do is you throw him one, you say, 'You know what, I think I saw a knot under that piece of wood." -G "Yeah, or..." -D "'I think you hit a knot.'" -G "Or, 'You know, I wasn't holdin it quite right.'" -D "That's right, that's right, you throw him that kudo and let him off. That's an acceptable Guy Rule." -G

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