Test Questions:

Question #1 All Guy Rules that apply in your own yard also apply on the hard-core construction site, but by what degree?
A knowledge of construction
B number of guys working
C vulgarity
D quality of tools
Question #2 When is it acceptable to fart in another guy's car?
A anytime
B only on a long road trip
C only after he himself has farted
D if you think you can get away with it
Question #3 As a passenger, it's quite acceptable to adjust the air conditioning in the car.
A true
B false
Question #4 If you're doing something with a buddy that takes a particular skill, and you don't know what the hell you're doing, you:
A ask for help
B mimic his actions
C blame it on your tools
D blame it on the beer
Question #5 While critiquing another guy's project, you:
A point out the type of lumber selected
B compliment the guy's workmanship
C secretly admire the project
D comment, acting like you know more about it than you do
Question #6 What piece of equipment must be complimented?
A safety glasses
B tool belt
C working gloves
D ruler
Question #7 It is quite acceptable to make eye contact with another guy during a goodbye:
A true
B false
Question #8 Every guy is compelled to do what in regard to his porno books?
A test the waters with your wife
B read them cover to cover
C never read anything, only look at the pictures
D never loan them out
Question #9 What's the most important criteria in lumber selection?
A cost
B weather-treated
C no warping
D type of lumber
Question #10 Why acknowledge the hello?
A Because it's polite
B for the sake of maintaining a solid balance of Guydom
C to prevent a fight
D because it demonstrates your self confidence

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