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GuyRule # 3.: Unsolicited Advise

Sub Rules:

3.1 "Unsolicited advise can't be given at the start of a project, because unsolicited advise too early into the project is a complete breach of the guy rule. Unsolicited advise can be put in after the project's been going on for a couple hours..." -G "Or after your friend's fumbled around long enough so that you're uncomfortable with it-" -D "No, no, no! You cannot, no, no, no; that's a whole different rule..." -G "Oh, okay..." -D "That's the 'jumping in when you're not asked rule.'" -G "Which is actually a sub-category of the unsolicited advise rule." -D "That's right. If you jump in way too early, then you've pissed the guy off and the whole project's gonna be ruined. Okay, that's if you jump in too early. But if the project's been goin' on a long time, you could like, take the saw away from the guy, because you've developed that relationship..." -G "Right, right..." -D "Okay, so that's acceptable Guy Rule, otherwise it is a complete breach of etiquette." -G Result not available

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