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GuyRule # 4.: Do it Yourself!

"Anything that possibly can be done be yourself, for yourself, is done that way." -D "Oh, yeah." -G "You don't seek help unless absolutely necessary." -D "Oh yeah, oh yeah, and also part of the Guy Rule is that you gotta go in and work a little bit harder than the other guy, but you gotta pace yourself, because there's also a trick that can be played on you if you're following the Guy Rule. There's a sub-Guy Rule which allows you to get around this, if you do this particular trick. You just lead off a little bit, let the other guy work himself out, and then you just throw in the second category Guy Rule, Working Longer." -G "Heh, heh, ha, ha" -D "...Which brings you to Guy Rule: Who's The First One to Say Let's Go Inside and Call It a Day. Very ambiguous. The Guy Rule is, if you notice the guy giving you signals that he's tired, that's an indication that it's okay then to say 'Heh, let's call it a day.' See, the problem is, if you quit the project too soon, the other guy thinks you're lazy, so it's a very tricky thing when to quit the project." -G Result not available

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