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GuyRule # 5.: Sawing Excuse

"If all of a sudden the guy is sawing, and he hits something that's not going too quick, and he makes an excuse that turns out to be true, the Guy Rule is even though you might not want to do it (you might not even like guy), you gotta say, 'That's right, that's really what happened." -G "You have to acknowledge it." -D "You have to acknowledge it." -G "Or even if you know that's not the real reason." -D "Yeah, but if you know there's even a slight possibility of it bein' there, that the excuse is valid, you've got to acknowledge it." -G "What happens when it's revealed that the excuse wasn't valid?" -D "Oh, Guy Rule! It depends on if he was an early-jumper-in guy. If he's an early-jumper-in guy then you've got to slam him home. If you prove it to be so, and the guy doesn't think it's right, and it turns out to be right and the guy made a big early jump-in, you run him into the ground. See, that's acceptable Guy Rule." -G Result not available

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