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GuyRule # 13.: Different Good-byes

"Different Good-byes depend on how good a friend you are with the Guy." -D "Okay, here you go." -G "Level One: Acquaintance." -D "That's a shake-hand good-bye,." -G "Hey buddy, nice knowin' you, good luck, have a nice life." -D "That's right" -G "Okay, Level Two: Co-worker-friend." -D "That's an arm around him, grab him, do a little hug, a little round the shoulder hug." -G "Maybe a pat on the shoulder, a little squeeze maybe..." -D "...Behind the neck, sure." -G "Level Three: Good-buddy-party-friend." -D "That's the real quick hug, and quick slap on the back. Okay..." -G "Maybe a grunt or two. Level four, lifelong buddy, you're leaving for years." -D "Oh yeah. That's a full blown hug like you would your wife." –G "Full blown hug, maybe even eye contact." –D "That's a definite NO. The eye contact's gonna be a tough one. That's a major lovin thing. That's reserved for the wife." –G "You think?" –D "Yes, that would be a complete breach of etiquette! Sure. That goes to the brother if anyone. The eye contact goes to the brother." –G "All right, forget it." –D Result not available

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