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GuyRule # 14.: Lumber Selection

"Especially if you're with someone else, the guy rule on lumber selection is you gotta look for the ones with no knots, okay, the one's that don't have the turns in em." -G "No warping." -D "That's right, no warping. Those are the bottom-line rules if another guy's with you. Those are the areas to look for. If you notice a guy not having as good of skills at selecting the kind of lumber that you're used to selecting, how do you let him know that he's not doing it? The Guy Rule depends on where you are in the selection and whether it's his project or yours. If he's selecting the bad ones and you're early on in the project, don't say anything. Early in the project you let him select his own lumber." -G "Unless you've worked with him on the project." -D "Sure, then you can point that out." -G "Cause you're part of a team, there." -D "That's right. If you've been on the project for awhile and you go down there, then it's pretty much expected that you point it out if the other guy missed something." -G "Agreed." -D "Okay, so those are the three. One, if you've just met the guy you can't say anything, you've got to let him buy the cheap lumber." -G "Even if you're working with him." -D "That's right, even if you know you've got to work the cheap lumber. Number two, if the project's been going on you can maybe point it out, depending on the other guy's ego; number three, it's expected you've got to. Now, a breach of etiquette is if you point out the guy's bad lumber selection right away..." -G "At the wrong level." -D "At the wrong level." -G Result not available

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