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GuyRule # 17.: Two Types of Building Guys

"There's two types of Building Guys. Building outside in the backyard all day, you tend to make a mess. You've got the type A guy who, ah, just goes ahead and makes his mess all day and then cleans it all up at the end. You've got type B guys who does one little sub-thing on his project, then cleans up that mess; keeps the tools organized all day. You know, I don't think one way is better than the other, it's just a matter of taste." -D "Now, the etiquette. The etiquette involved in that is, if you're one of them mister-clean-it-up guys, you can't stand to have the guy that's mister-messy guy. That's the hardest position to be in. How can you let the other guy know that you're mister anal-retentive, that he drives you nuts." -G "I don't think you really should; you've just gotta follow the host's lead." -D "That's right, you gotta..." -G "If he's type A, then you've gotta be type A for the day." -D "That's right. Now, here's the other thing. The other guy's also trying to figure you out, to find out what kind of guy you are. Cause if you're one of them clean-up kind of guys, the other guy wants to do the same, cause he doesn't want to bother the guy. But there's also a danger involved. The trap to watch out for is this: you're actually the mister leave-it-lay-all-over-the-place, and so is the other guy, but you're cleanin' up cause you think the other guy's a type B personality." -G "Ha, heh." -D "Just follow your instinct to avoid this." -G Result not available

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