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GuyRule # 19.: Driver Controls the Music

Sub Rules:

19.1 19.2 19.3 19.4 "There's also another Guy Rule that's met with alot of resistance by most guys, and that is, whoever's driving the car gets control of the kind of music that's listened to. You have to make use the Guy Rules. You can't just go and change the guy's music. Now, if it's a buddy of yours, even though you may actually like the kind of music he likes, and you learn to like it, learn to grow, you cannot under any circumstances let that guy know that you've come to like that music. Cause then you're gonna be stuck listenin to it all the time. So you have to protest, in hopes that you don't get sucked into this hole of listening to music that you kind of like listening to, but it's not your favorite. But you see, you cannot go in and say early on in the relationship, early on when you meet the guy that you don't like his music right away." -G Result not available

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