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GuyRule # 26.: Listening In

"When is it acceptable to sit in on a phone conversation? When a guy's hanging out at your house, and your phone rings, you can always recognize that one look of total fear in the guy's face: Is it my wife calling, and is she going to bitch me out because I'm late or fooling around? Usually, that look means that it is indeed her calling on the phone." -G "You'll hand the phone to the guy, and if he doesn't want you listening in (which usually means you're not that far into your Guy Relationship, or this is going to be a particularly bad conversation)..." -D "...he'll give the old shake of the eyebrow and whisper, 'Can you give me a second?' meaning the ol' lady's gonna chew his ass out and he doesn't want you to hear just how little control he has in this situation. Or, if you're pretty close buds, then there's always the old Oh-no-that's-okay-that's-fine-just-go-ahead-and-sit-there Guy Rule. You've heard it before, pal!" -G Result not available

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