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GuyRule # 28.: Get One for Everyone

Sub Rules:

28.1 28.2 28.3 "Guy Rule: when you get a beer for yourself, by God, get one for everyone in the room." -D "Yeah, when you go and get a beer, and especially if you're working outside and it's hot out, and you don't bring beers for the other guys, that is the queen mother of all breaches of etiquette on the Guy Rules. However, if you have a question as to whether this guy or that guy is a beer-drinker, or if it's too early, you can take the bold step of just breaking one out in advance. That means (heh, it's kinda like farting), that means they're in. you don't even ask if they wanted a beer; you just made that assumption. And that's a big let-them-into-the-club kind of move." -G "Even if they didn't really want one that early, they'll accept it anyway, cause you showed that cool gesture for breakin' one out." -D "That's right, they're compelled to drink. And alot of times, it's accepted to bring the beer out earlier than when you yourself would normally drink that beer because you just kind of want to break the ice a little bit when you're starting on a project." -G Result not available

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