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GuyRule # 45.: Trumping the Bullshit

"If you know a guy's talking about some story, and all of a sudden he's giving a bunch a crap, and you know that he's bull shittin' you, it's quite acceptable to break in and call hinm on his bullshit. That's a Guy Rule." -G "Or you can play dumb, and pretend like you're going along with the bullshit awhile. You wait for the perfect time, when his house of bullshit is at it's weakest point, then you smash it." -D "Then call his bullshit. You nail him on something and you can see if the guy's really straightening up, because he's like, 'Oh, oh, what, what, what?' Then he'll have the 'I think he's just calling my bullshit' feeling, like, 'Oh God, how am I gonna pull this one off?" -G Result not available

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