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GuyRule # 46.: Half Your Time

"During a project, and this is in ratio to how intoxicated you are, only fifty per cent of the actual done on a project is work, while the other fifty per cent is talk about the work. How you're gonna do the work, are you doin' it right, what's goin' on with the work, this is my idea about how to do the work, this is your idea, etcetera." -D "The other guy's trying to prove something through some logic, and you have no idea what the hell he's talking about." -G "Right, you're both trying to explain ..." -D "Some bullshit logic. This is where it's very important to have your own ruler." -G "Heh, heh, ha." -D "Okay, you've gotta have your own ruler." -G "You can prove your crazy logic, or at least assist it's delivery, by use of your own ruler." -D "There you go." -G Result not available

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