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GuyRule # 51.: Final Nail Option

"When you're at the last part of the project, and you have to set that final nail, it's always the Guy Rule to let the homeowner, the guy who paid for the lumber, sink that final nail. Of course, the homeowner's always got that final option to insist, 'No, man, you did good work for me, go ahead and pound it. You're the last guy, tremendous honor. Havatter.'" -G "Given the final honor, the guy, even if his nailing track record is shaky at best, feels that he must follow through on that very last nail and do it like a true guy. He's representing all Guys in this final nail. The Honor Nail." -D "That's right." -G "He's gotta do it perfectly cool, just a few strokes, bam, bam, bam." -D "You know what he's gotta do, because he's actually christening the end of the project, he's showin' his best work now, this is it, he's on display, this is his Guy-Building-Shit-In-The-Yard Olympics. So he's gotta hit the nail just perfect." -G "It's gotta be clean." -D "Oh yeah, that's right." -G Result not available

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