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GuyRule # 52.: Project Goes Bad

"Okay, there's always the I-Just-Really-Fucked-Up-The-Project-Let's-Talk-About-It-So-There's-Maybe-Some-Way-We-Can-Salvage-It Rule. That's a rule. And the rules are if you know the guy fucked it up, you can never ever really put it in his face until he leaves. Okay, then you and your wife have got to go at him. Then there's always the best one, and that's the 'Geez we really fucked it up together through mutual agreement.' Then it's just the go-and-call-it-a-night-and-figure-it-out-later kind of rule." -G "While most of the guys are reflecting on how messed up it is, there always one guy who suddenly become busy cleaning up the yard, and he does a real good job of it, real efficient-like, as if to cover for the mistake." -D "Ha, ha, yeah." -G Result not available

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