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GuyRule # 60.: Exaggerated Foul

"When you're playin' basketball, it's quite expected that when you get fouled, you gotta role around on the ground and act as if somebody had just cut your nuts off for the first few seconds, then you gotta jump up and play ball like nothing ever happened. And the other guys have to accept that; that the other guy is over-reacting, because you're in a basketball game. That's the only time you can pull that off. You can't do it in football, because then you're considered a wuss. But, you gotta do it in basketball." -G "In judged games, it's pretty much for the ref's benefit, to swing the call." -D "For the ref's benefit, yeah, but even when you're just playin' a pick-up game with your buddies, you do the same thing!" -G "Right." -D "That's the rules." -G Result not available

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