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GuyRule # 77.: Greeting by Passersby

"It's not the old 'Oh hi there, how are you doing?' 'Oh, fine, how are you?' No, no. It's the tick of the eye, the tip of the head, perhaps a cock of the head, possible eye contact, though probably not..." -D "There's always the lifting-the-nose-a-little-higher kind of hello." -G "Yeah. You tip the head back, the chin goes up, and you just lift up a little bit." -D "Guy Rule is, you've gotta wait until the last possible moment where you realize the other guy's not gonna say hi, and one of you better say hi before you break out into a fight. It's a complete breach of Guy Rules to go past that guy, if you're by yourselves, without saying hello." -G "Just ignoring him." -D "That's a bad breach when that happens. So, you move into the next step, which is the standard walk past, don't say anything, okay, that's the lowest form of the Guy Rule hello. Walk past, slight head nod, like, hey, no big deal, I don't view you as a threat. Then you've got the old..." -G "Then you've got the walking past, a smile" -D "A smile." -G "And the nod down." -D "Or you got" -G "It's more friendly." -D "Of course" -G "The nod down." -D "That's right, or you've always got the" -G "As opposed to the head up." -D "I know. Hey, we're on the Guy Rules! Then you've always got the standard slight grunt, okay." -G "Like, 'Sup.'" -D "'Sup.' That's it. Then you've got the highest echelon of passing some guy to let the other guy know that you're really, really confident. Although, you're probably not, which is precisely why you're doing that confident pass." -G "That's right." -D "It's the 'Hey bud, what's up, how's it goin', yeah." -G Result not available

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