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GuyRule # 80.: Rephrasing What Your Buddy Said

WARNING: THIS GUY RULE SPUN OUT OF CONTROL! "You're sittin' there talking with a guy, and you say something, and he disagrees and explains why, and you realize that he's right. You don't want to just go admitting that he's right. What you do, is you agree with him, and you try to retell what he just told you, only in a more eloquent way." -D "Of course, what you've gotta do then, is you've always got the standard protest, it's the, 'Well, I don't know.' You've always got that when other guy's explainin' and shootin' you down, you've got the 'Well, I don't know about that.'" -G "As if there is some vague, past knowledge that you're checking silently while saying 'I don't know.'" -D "There's that check, and then there's always the Knowing-Full- Well-That-You're-Screwed-But- You've-Got- To-Be-Really-Defensive 'I don't know.' You know what I'm talking about?" -G "Yeah." -D "I don't know, I don't know, uh uh. With that tone in there. You know full well that you're busted, but you can't..." -G "You've got that edge in you voice, letting the other guy know that you're a little worried about his assertions." -D "That's right. Now, you've gotta be really careful at that point in time, because, look here. The guy trumped your bullshit. If he trumps it too hard...well, it's one thing if cut me with a douse of spades, but it's quite another one to drop down the big joker, you know what I'm talking about?" -G "Yeah." -D "Okay, so if he goes to the big joker, then you've gotta fight, see. That's all the way to fight mode. There's always that really bad sting that hurts ya and you can never recover at a party, like, This-Is-The-Last-Time-You're- Gonna-Come-Into-My-Shit trump ya" -G "Wait, I'm not following you. You're getting off track." -D "No, no, no. When a guy comes in and all a sudden you're telling a story in the back yard or something..." -G "Uh huh, uh huh." -D "And the guy comes in and all a sudden you're at that point where he trumps your bullshit..." -G "Who trumps whose?" -D "Hhah. Okay" -G "The teller?" -D "Yea, the story that you're talkin' about, and the other guy proves that your stories aren't right." -G "Oh, okay." -D "Yeah, that's when you do the old, 'I don't know...' Okay, look here, the guy's tellin' a story, the other guy" -G "Guy A." -D "Guy A. I'm telling a story. You're Guy B, okay? All a sudden you come back and, uh, uh, uh, you, uh respond to my, you respond you my, uh, to my story. And you negatively try to prove me wrong. You go and tell your story, and obviously yours is better than the one I told, actually, probably more factual, then I've gotta come back with the standard, 'Well, I don't know. That's not what I heard.' Then, if he comes back and trumps your bullshit at that particular time, that's when the fightin' comes in." -G "What do you mean trump his bullshit?" -D "Now all of a sudden I'm bullshittin' on a story. You come back with another story. I'm like, 'I don't know.' Now all of a sudden the ball's back in your court. And you trump me with some really big shit. And now it's obvious that you've got me on the run, that my story's a bunch of shit, okay, if you trump me, that's where the trump stuff comes in." -G "Want another beer?" -D Result not available

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