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GuyRule # 82.: You Didn't Really Almost Get into an Accident

"I you just got yourself into a driving situation, and you know that you damn near got hit, you gotta go ahead and act like you were in complete control the entire time. 'Cause if you don't, the ol' lady's gonna tear your head off." -G "Not only will she tear your head off at the time, but you know that also in every future driving situation, she's gonna have an edge on you." -D "That's right, that's right." -G "You want to have that freedom to be able to drive the way you wanna drive." -D "That's right. And not only that, you've gotta be afraid that if you let on and do the big Guy Rule breach of etiquette, and tell her that she was right, that you were driving bad, she'll always bring that story up." -G "Yeah." -D "That's why you can't tell her!" -G "Right." -D Result not available

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