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GuyRule # 87.: Drinking the Hard Stuff

Sub Rules:

87.1 "When you're passin' around the swill, the hard booze, especially when you're camping or something, no matter how hard that booze hits your gut, no matter how wrongly you swallowed it, you've gotta just keep a stone face, look at the other guys, wink at them, nod you head and say, 'Yeah, that was good.' -D "Act like, of course, act like it didn't hurt your throat." -G "Of, of course." -D "And act like you're not about to puke, because it's about ready to come up." -G "The other guys look at you a go, 'Wow, he can really take his drink.' And they're just praying that they can do that well. And you sorta' pump each other up on it, even though every guy there hates the taste of it and it hits his gut wrong." -D "That's right. And also, every guy's got their I've-Got-The-Worst- Shit-That's-Gonna-Kick- You-In-The-Ass kind of drink." -G "Oh, sure." -D "'You gotta try this.'" -G "'No, you gotta try this. This is what I've been drinking all night!" -D "Ha, that's right. Yeah, 'While you just put down twelve beers, I took seven shots of this mother, and I hung right in there. This is worse than your worst stuff, okay?'" -G Result not available

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