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GuyRule # 88.: Cigars: the Ultimate Guy Occasion

Sub Rules:

88.1 "When You're hangin' out with your buddies and you're drinkin' beer, and the guy cracks out the cigar, every guy's gotta pretend like they actually know what makes a good cigar. They actually gotta pretend that by sniffing it they know what their sniffing for. Nobody really knows why they put the cigar in their mouth and lick the outside, but you've gotta do it because you saw somebody else do it. But you never know why you do it. And you've also gotta pretend like it doesn't burn your tongue when you suck it in, and it doesn't roach your throat for, like three weeks, and you've gotta pretend like you actually like the taste of the cigar." -G "Absolutely." -D "Because if you don't do that, it's a complete breach of etiquette. Everybody knows, even though you know yourself, everybody will know you're a wuss and really have no idea what that cigar really tastes like." -G "I mean, come on, if your buddy is sophisticated enough to smoke a good cigar, then you're damn well gonna be the same way." -D "That's right, and you're not gonna pretend like you're not sophisticated. You just think everybody else knows the answer to what makes a good cigar. Nobody knows what makes a good cigar!" -G "As long as you ride the wake a little bit, and kinda puff it up, it looks like you know it too." -D "And what always kicks off that you're doin' a Real Guy Thing, is somebody brings the cigars. That's the kickoff to the doing-the-guy-shit." -G "That's like when you say, 'Heh, we're on farting term early on.'" -D "Yeah. Handing out the cigars, that's a major let-in-the-door right there." -G Result not available

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