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GuyRule # 100.: Washing Your Hands in the Men's Room

"When you're in a public restroom, and there's at least one other guy in there. Say he finishes first, and when hes done, he goes and washes his hands. Even if....even if..." -D "Come on! You're on a roll!" -G "Even if..." -D "You're on a roll!" -G "Even if you never wash your hands in a public bathroom, you'll wash your hand just because HE did." -D "Yeah. That's right. And, even though you know full well that you don't wash your hands, and that the other guy rarely washes his hands, you'll both wash your hands for the other guys benefit. Now only the really confident kinda guy will leave without washing his hands. And you're standing there washing your hands, wishing you had the balls to leave without washing your hands!" -G "Ha ha heh." -D "THATS the Guy Rule." -G Result not available

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