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GuyRule # 113.: Ultimate Burp

"What constitutes the ultimate burp? Okay, there's always the spontaneous rattle-in-the-throat, almost-hurts-your-neck kinda burp. Guy Rule. That is non-expected and is really deep, and of course, really long." -G

"Takes you by surprise" -D

"Totally takes you by surprise. However, the lowest echeleon of burp is the guy who sucks it into the gut and somehow prentends that he's gonna fake, and spell words and bullshit with the burp. Then you've always got that, I've-never-really-expected-that-burp-after-I've-eaten-Jalepenos-Blow-It-In-The-Other-Guy's-face kinda Guy Rule. When it comes to the burp, that is constituted downright nasty." -G Result not available

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