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GuyRule # 117.: The Up-To Scale

"Every guy has his 'Up-To' scale. That is the scale by which you measure when you find yourself 'forced into a bar' (as if you need force) and you say 'hey guys, I have got to get home.' You know, your woman wants to go to the movies, or what-ever, and wants your ass home. Now, every Guy has his own private 'Up-To' scale; that is, the old 'I gotta go, but..." -G

"'I can stay for one more.' Or two more. You see, that's the 'Up-To.' How many more can you stay for?" -D

"However, you know deep down that you will go 'Up-To' as many as, perhaps three beers before you pull the 'rip-cord' rule for leaving." -G

Also see the Rip-cord rule. Result not available

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