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GuyRule # 132.: Book Shelves

Every guy should have a bookshelf or some shelf in his meager home on which is parked the bare and essential 'guy books.' Now, it is not important in the least that these books have ever been opened, and in fact, if you do not dust your shelves (if you are a guy, this applies to you) it is even more important that you do not move these books from their place and risk ruining the even film of dust on your book shelf.

The purpose of these books is twofold: One: they increase your chance of getting laid and Two: they increase the chance that you will get laid by a woman who would otherwise think she was too smart to lay you.

The following books are the essential books for your guy bookshelf.

One small, worn, paperback dictionary of words of your favorite foreign language (know one or two key phrases from the book). One or two classic books which you have heard enough about from your intelligent book-reading friends to be able to explain the plot and name at least one character who you liked and strive to 'be like.' One paperback novel with a bookmark placed more than half way through the book. Any book of poems by someone whose name you think you might have heard in some distant class. One book on understanding women and their needs (No requirement that this be read). One HOW-TO book of your own choosing.

And finally, if your book shelf does not appear complete, a book which you could pass off as a journal or diary when asked 'What is this.' While no one is implying that you should keep a sissy, non-guy diary or journal, women dig it. Keep the books that you really read under your mattress." - Joe Broy Result not available

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