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GuyRule # 133.: Moving a Guy

"When a guy buddy asks you to help him move, it is your guy duty to oblige him and set aside that day and evening for moving. But remind yourself that you are only HELPING him move. Attempting to tell your guy buddy how to pack the truck for the most efficient haul is a total breach of guy etiquette. Even when you know you could load it better.

However, if you are the guy asking your guy buddies to help you move, remember this guy rule: The guy who helps you move has first dibs on any item he moves. That means if he sees a chair he likes, that is his chair. If he sees a lamp he likes, that is his lamp. However, it is only one thing that he gets to take with him, as a kind of 'thanks for helping me move, man' thing. So be sure to put all your good stuff in boxes. And ask your cheap guy buddies to help you move...they usually only want your beer." - Joe Broy Result not available

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