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GuyRule # 135.: The Fridge

"The refrigerator will be the focus of fellow guys, and your guy status might depend on the contents of your fridge. It's a good idea to have plenty of beer, different varieties, and easy to make foods like microwavable pizzas and pre-made pasta dinners. Vegetables that look like a lab experiment are okay, because it makes other guys realize they're not the only ones that buy fresh stuff only to have it spoil. Excessiveness in this area can disgust even the most disturbed guy, however.

Other guy acceptable fridge items are mass quantities of food that the girlfriend has made, like a big bowl of pasta salad or homemade soup. This shows that you're in control of the relationship and gives other guys ideas for their girlfriends, but more importantly they see a weeks worth of food that requires nothing more than a scoop in a bowl. Be careful not to have too many non-fat foods, because that's a female trend that guys don't want to admit to. Rather, reassure the guy's caveman-like instincts with a big ham or turkey that you can attack as a group. Follow The Fridge guy rule and you will establish yourself with the guys, and earn a redeeming social quality that all guys adhere to: a well-stocked fridge." - Jeff ( Result not available

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