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GuyRule # 170.: More Video Game Rules

"1.) When playing video games, the person who wins a game always gets to play the next game; everyone else takes turns as the opponent. Reservations to overturn this rule and play a specific person must be made up to one cycle in advance.

2.) If one person wins three games in a row (or defeats all the other challengers with no losses), then this person is the "Champion" and is entitled to this title until someone comes along and beats him twice, at which time the new winner is declared the Champion and the cycle repeats. It is absolutely unacceptable for the champion to lose to another guy who does not normally play within the immediate group. If this happens, the Champion is required to lose his cool and demand a rematch as soon as possible. This rematch, and any others afterwords, is at the discretion of the Outsider and takes precedence over all the other rules of playing order. However, the Champion should eventually get angry enough to leave for a short time. If, upon his return, the Outsider is still around, a rematch must be granted immediately. If the Champion should lose to a female, he may not lose his cool, but instead blow the whole incident off." -John Result not available

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