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GuyRule # 245.: Accepting Beer

"Whenever you go to a buddy's house and he offers you a beer and you accept, you must appear to enjoy it. He could give you some of the most vile rotgut you have ever had, a wuss beer like some strawberry walnut ale that a real guy like you would never drink or even a skunked beer but you have to drink it and not rag on his beer selection. "If you know the guy well you can make a smartass comment like, 'Hey, getting the fancy stuff now?' But you can't say anything bad about the beer. "If the sharing of the beer is begun with 'Sorry, but this is all I have,' smartass comments are also acceptable regardless of your relationship with the buddy. "If you are asked for your opinion, simply saying you found it interesting is fine. You can't insult the guy's taste, he gave you a beer." -George Hoffman Result not available

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