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GuyRule # 264.: Explaining The Remote Concept To A Woman

"Women don't understand the reason why men need to control the remote, or why a man 'can't just watch one thing.' Here's how to explain it in women's terms. A woman goes into a shoe store. She sees a pair of shoes she likes and try them on. They fit. They're the right color. They aren't too pricey. But she doesn't buy the shoes, because there might be a BETTER PAIR OF SHOES IN ANOTHER STORE. A man sees something on TV that's kinda cool. Maybe it's a cartoon. Maybe it's sports. But he has to go 'around the world' one time, because THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING BETTER ON ANOTHER CHANNEL. If your woman bitches about the remote, it gives you free reign to complain at the mall. It's the same thing." -Scott Lerman Result not available

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