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GuyRule # 277.: Buying Beer For Parties

"When going to a party, BYOB or not, you have to show how much of a guy you are by showing up with as much beer as possible, even if you really can't afford it. At least a case is required, two is better because you get to lug both of them in and show off how strong you are in the process. Or to be the true big dawg of the party, show up with a keg (if it is a big party. If you are hangin out with friends, it is ok to buy cheap beer, because they would do the same. If strangers or women are going to be involved, buy medium-priced beer in order not to look poor, but don't buy expensive beer because you can't afford it (you just spent all of your money on stereo equipment, etc.) and you don't want to look like a beer snob. And make sure you offer some to everybody. -Mike Koehler Result not available

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