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GuyRule # 318.0: Never Buy Rags

Never buy rags.

In our day of modern technology, every corner store now sells a "bag of rags" or disposable automotive tissues, and a variety of so-called all purpose towels. These products came from the minds of women. And these are the same women that throw away our favorite t-shirts and sweats every summer. But what better way, my friends, to honor our loyal cut off sweat pants, our favorite t'shirts and boxers than to use them for rags.

Instead of waxing our cars with pre-fabricated sponges and seal skin we should polish them with the clothes we harbored on our back for so long. Wiping sweat from our brow not with some K-mart bandana, but old faithful Froot of the Loom now retired. Sopping up automotive oil with your old friend blue sweat shorts.

Women use disposable dish cloths and cotton balls by the dozen. They are incapable of understanding the attachment we have with a pair of socks which have seen us through three wives and still keep their elasticity.

So mind you, that when your shirts start getting a little fringed around the collar, when your boxers no longer hold your testicles close to you, when your sweat pants lose their draw strings...put them in your own box of rags, and keep them close to you forever.

And NEVER buy rags. -Joe Broy WP & G voted:

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