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GuyRule # 344.0: Wear Cologne Sparingly

A real man should never wear too much cologne. It has a tendency to make a manly man seem like a little bit of a sissy. He also will appear to take too much of an anal approach to his grooming which is very lady-like. A man should be clean and not reek, but he doesn't need to act like a woman and stink up a room with his cologne. A small amount is an acceptible way of keeping yourself from getting ripe. It must also be known that a man that wears it should never have any on when he is doing any form of physical labor with his buddies. If I were replacing a roof in the hot sun and had to smell some queer fragrance I would be inclined to throw said offender off of the roof. -Seth Patterson WP & G voted:

Club Guy Vote: 33% Said Yes!

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