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GuyRule # 395.0: King of the Rolled Booger

Sub Rules:

395.1 395.2 You never want to be seen digging for gold with the babes around! Guys should not reveal this delicate process and procedure in which we partake in order to preserve our cherished dirt. On the other hand, with the boys around, we urge each other on to see who is the "King of the Rolled Booger." The process may involve using one nostril, two nostirls, one finger, two fingers, pinkie finger, whatever the "King" needs to do in order to extract that winner of a hairy booger. Now the preservation of the booger is quick and simple...role it and toss it (You should have "tossed it" in a hidden area!) Last but not least, Guys never eat the booger...boys do! -BIGDRVR WP & G voted:

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