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GuyRule # 501.0: Female Friends

It is perfectly alright to have female friends, especially if they clearly all into that "she's like one of the guy's" category. However, if you have a girlfriend/wife and this female friend has suddenly appeared in your life, be prepared for the backlash. On the flip side, it is in no way acceptable to develop any type of friendship with a buddy's girlfriend/wife that is independent of your friendship with the buddy. Unless you're calling her to find out where he is or set up a surprise kegger for him, you probably shouldn't be calling her at all.Lastly, if you set up a female friend with a guy friend, be prepared to step back from your friendship with the female. Sure, you may have called her late at night or at odd hours before, but trust me when I say that your buddy will get really sick of it if it keeps up while he's trying to score. -anonymous WP & G voted:

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