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GuyRule # 614.0: Think before you puke

While at a party it is okay to puke sometimes this situation is unavoidable. So to keep it as clean as possible these are the choice locations to blow chunks. 1-in the toilet, do the deed and get rid of the evidence 2-in a bucket or a large enough container will do the job and please do not mistake an open case of beer for such a container unless it is completely free of beer. 3-outside, this is the best choice because puke is biodegradable and no one cares but try to keep it out of site if possible. 4-if none of these options are open to you and you really have to puke try to get most or all of it on yourself, this way you might be the ass end of many jokes but you'll be thanked by the owner of the house for not getting any puke on the stainables. And if you do puke anywhere but these places pick it up and just take all the shit everyone gives you cause you deserve it. -Ron Mac WP & G voted:

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