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GuyRule # 246.: Calling Shotgun

Sub Rules:

246.1 246.2 246.3 246.4 246.5 246.6 246.7 "When 'Calling Shotgun' [to see who gets to ride up front next to the driver]: You and the driver must be outside. The car must be off and doors must be closed. If you call shotgun too early, you are automatically disqualified from the runnings (sorry). All disagreements over the rules are ultimately decided by the driver. For simultaneous calls, it is a physical battle for whoever's ass touches the seat first. If you have shotgun privileges and leave the car to run an errand for the driver, other buddies cannot steal your shotgun position. (ex. getting out to buy beer). Buddies that refuse to obey these rules forfeit all shotgun privileges in other cars Bonus: It is often fun to whisper "shotgun" in your competitor's ear to truly humiliate him for his slow reaction time.

Super Bonus: the driver can overrule all calls in order to curb the chance of a 'herb' gaining access to shotgun.

Super Duper Bonus: with the privileges of shotgun come added responsibilities: when riding shotgun you are responsible for mooning pedestrians and joining the driver in giving the finger." -James & Nick Result not available

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