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GuyRule # 246.6: Girls and the Car

Sub Rules:

246.0 246.1 246.2 246.3 246.4 246.5 246.6 246.7 When driving your car, and you are out with some friends, the girl always gets shotgun. It is the rule which all guys should abide to, on the way to the car, when a girl is present in the group, there is to be no calling of shotgun, she will receive it automatically. This is not the case in a few situations: 1)One of your buddies is involved with this girl, and is present at the time. 2)You do not like this girl whatsover (you being the driver) 3)The girl is just not suited for shotgun, IE:she was regularly beaten with an ugly LOG. If the girl does not wish to have shotgun it is up to the driver to assign a shotgun position to one of his buddies, the buddies should not call shotgun as soon as the girl denounces her shotgun right, as this would make her feel uncomfortable, the girl must not feel she is being treated differently as she would feel out of place. Also, if there are 2 women with you at the time, the one you have a better chance with gets shotgun, or in the case that you have no chance with either, the better looking one gets shotgun. Also, if the is impartial on taking shotgun because she does not want to deprive one of your other buddies there the girl and that buddy must rock paper scissors, or some other contest of chance must be taken, the buddy cannot just assume the role of shotgun unless the girl ABSOLUTELY does not want shotgun and the driver elects you to this position. -Jer WP & G voted:

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