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GuyRule # 511.2: Stealing a Guy's Girl

Sub Rules:

511.0 511.1 511.2 Stealing a guys girl is acceptable only when the following requirements are met: A) He's a jackass and she really would be better off without him. B) You're only interested in a "physical" relationship with the girl. C) This guy is not a buddy of yours or a buddy of a buddy of yours. D) You are sure you can kick his ass, cause you know it's gonna come down to that. Or you're prepared to get your ass kicked for this girl. *NOTE* You should never try to steal a guys girl in the hopes of dating/marrying her, (whatever) because if you convinced her to leave him, you can be damn sure that she'll leave your sorry ass when the bigger better deal comes along. -James Scriver WP & G voted:

What about Bos' before hos'? How can this be reconciled? I don't like it. I vote no.

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