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GuyRule # 239.4: Dating your friends ex-girlfriends

Sub Rules:

239.0 239.1 239.2 239.3 239.4 You should never date or mess around with one of your friends ex-girlfriends. This will prevent any future arguments or misunderstanding in case your friend still had feelings for the ex. This will also prevent your friends ex from comparing the two of you. So no-ones manhood would be insulted as well -Charles WP & G voted:

Conflict is a-brewin over this one. There are rules that have been voted in by the club that say never date and then they vote in rules that say it is ok. We need to verify. I vote Yes based on this rule alone. However, take a look at Guy Rule # 239, Guy Rule # 239.3 as well associating dialogue. -G

Club Guy Vote: 0% Said Yes!

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